Advantages of using ALERT: OVERVIEW

How ALERT addresses some of the most common preparedness problems

ALERT is designed to:

  • be practical, realistic, process-driven and easy to implement
  • incorporate preparedness activities that are developed against specific hazards or early warning indicators
  • incorporate regular updates since preparedness is a continuous dynamic process that requires regular engagement and updating
  • ensure a participatory process involving the country team, local partners, government officials and communities
  • include decision-making trigger indicators, seasonal and/or crisis calendars
  • be quantifiable with specific preparedness actions assigned to individuals who are then held accountable for managing preparedness

See how ALERT specifically works for:

After 7 years of a successful ALERT preparedness platform, we are shutting down the platform on the 30 April 2022. Thank you for your generous support and commitment to more efficient, timely, and cost-effective emergency preparedness. If you need to contact us, please email: [email protected]