ALERT for Country Offices

The ALERT System is designed to make life easier for field staff based in the Country Office. Here are a few key advantages of using ALERT:


G-DACS alerts are automatically shown on your dashboard. View the latest INFORM hazards for your country directly on your screen or add your own priority hazards.

Monitor your risks through the online hazard monitoring system. Choose your own indicators, monitoring frequency, and trigger points (ALERT provides useful suggestions).


Humanitarian agencies can customise their own set of mandatory preparedness activities (Minimum and Advanced preparedness activities) and would come preloaded in ALERT for their country offices.

ALERT promotes evidence-based preparedness. Both minimum and advanced preparedness activities require uploaded documentation to achieve green status.

See something you like? Copy preparedness activities, especially programme and hazard related preparedness activities directly from other country offices.

Core Humanitarian Standards-compliant preparedness actions are pre-loaded onto the ALERT System. This allows you to monitor and provide evidence on CHS compliance. (Please note: Integration of CHS-compliant preparedness actions into ALERT is still in its early stages of development)


Response plans are developed on line with an easy to follow “wizard”. The system is ‘smart’ and automatically adds certain information, such as the user's contact details, country, etc.

Approved response plans can be exported into various donor proposal formats for easy submission.


Real-time pop-up notifications and email alerts to regional offices, HQ and donors (settings can be customised to user/agency preference).

The ALERT traffic light system clearly demonstrates areas and gaps in preparedness enabling you to stay on top of the preparedness game.

ALERT has a built in seasonal calendar. Add information about seasonal hazards or events and get reminders when these are on the horizon.

All your preparedness documentation stored on-line for quick and easy retrieval from anywhere in the world.