October 2015: Update

Software Development

Work on the ALERT prototype has progressed significantly over the month of October, with several user journeys developed. 

EPAM has also started developing the donor dashboard and funding portal for ALERT. The ALERT Team and EPAM held a consultation meeting with Jon Barden from DFID, Luke Caley and Caroline Hotham from START Fund to obtain feedback on the donor dashboard. 

Alert Consortium

The quarterly consortium meeting was hosted by Coventry University on 30th September 2015. Meeting notes have been shared with the consortium and action points are being followed through. 


The first ALERT Consultation Workshop is due on 5th November 2015 in London. 45 people across different agencies have been invited. The sessions will focus on emergency preparedness and risk analysis. The workshop will take place at Friends House in Euston, London. The final agenda and pre-workshop document has already been circulated to participants. 

The prototype launch event invites have also been circulated among START members as a placeholder. The venue and agenda is still under discussion. 


The brand platform was revised by BLAST based on input received from the consortium meeting and will be shared with the consortium. The logo design and visual identity is still under development. 


Primary analysis of preparedness mapping data has been completed. We have assessed the preparedness process of 19 NGOs. In collaboration with World Vision, the ALERT System will include certain elements from the Early Warning, Early Action BUSTER Tool. 

START Network

The team had initial discussion meetings with the Harvard Evaluation team undertaking a DEPP portfolio level evaluation and the DEPP MEL regional managers to analyse future collaboration for monitoring and learning.