We are currently in the preliminary design phase which explores how the system will work at a high level.

After the development of this low-fidelity prototype we will begin to develop a "proof of concept" ready for review in early 2016. 

Current status: Low-fidelity [Pre-build]

InVision is a prototyping tool that allows for the creation of basic and static prototypes. The tool is low-fidelity - meaning that you are unable to enter information or click on everything displayed on screen. 

InVision contains functionality that allows viewers to add comments to any screen within the prototype - allowing for critique or alternate options. If you have any thoughts to add please follow the link below to view and comment on the latest version.

NOTE: The InVision prototype is password-protected. If you would like to request access rights, please get in touch with the ALERT Team through the form here

Latest version

November 12th 2015

Continued the development of "Country Information"

Completed "Copying and Creating MPAs/APAs" journey

Added "Risk Analysis" section

Under Development


Creation of the additional response plan templates

"Approving a response plan" flow



Creation of the Settings, Profile and Preferences sections

Creation of the Bookmarks section within the Donor platform

"Setting up Alert for first time use" journey

"Adjusting administration settings" journey