Prototype Survey

Thank you for your interest in providing feedback on the ALERT Prototype.

We have prepared an online questionnaire for you to fill-in. Please follow the link below:

Prototype Survey - full questionnaire


We know that you're very busy, and might not have time to go through 30+ questions all in one go, so we have also divided the full survey into smaller, bite-sized chunks, reflecting each module. You can choose to provide feedback on one module at a time and keep on coming back until you have managed to provide feedback on all the modules. You'll find a breakdown of the modular surveys below:

Prototype Survey - Hazard Analysis and Risk Monitoring Module

Prototype Survey - Preparedness Actions Module

Prototype Survey - Country Office Information Module and Country Director Module

Prototype Survey - Planning Module

Prototype Survey - General Satisfaction Questions


Alternatively, you can also send us feedback at 

Thank you for your feedback!